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The Advent Season

The Advent season is upon us, the traditionally austere time of 4 weeks leading up to the festive Christmas season (25 Dec-6 Jan).

I love this time of year. I feel incredibly connected to the deep past, beyond family connections and deeper into my Celtic and Germanic roots, both pagan and Christian.

I love the reverence of evergreen nature, the burning of candles and fires, and of keeping the light in the darkest of times.

I love the songs that are sung, the medieval melodies and chords that we dust off century after century and revisit.

I love the flavours and scents of spiced food and drink.

Just knowing that these are the things that my ancestors most likely would have seen, heard, tasted, and smelled...this continuity gives me that feeling of connection. I feel deeply moved, and humbled.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this time of year, if you love it or not!

Om Shanti

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