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What is Omnia Yoga?






The word yoga come from the root word yuj, meaning "to yoke",  "to bind together", or "to unite".

The practice of yoga aims to unite the mind, body and spirit, and our individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness (or Source, Creator, God, et. al.).

As we deepen our practice, one begins to see the non-duality of exsistence; 

meaning, it's all One.

"Truth is One; sages call is by various names" -Rig Veda

We are One with everything, and with everyone.


Struggle, and strife in this world is caused by division, the "us vs. them" mentality.


I chose the word Omnia - Latin for "all things" or "everything" - to reflect this concept of Oneness. Omnia also contains the sacred mantra Om (or Aum), the primordial sound of creation that reverberates in all things in the universe.

Thus, Omnia Yoga means "All Things United"



Omnia Yoga was founded by me, Jenny Foster, a former dancer, avid surfer and yoga practitioner for over 20 years. I am passionate about spreading the knowledge I have gained from my own practice and experiences to help others to discover the inner power of yoga.

With Omnia Yoga, I am dedicated to providing yoga for every body. I'm committed to making yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their experience or ability.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, my classes, one to ones, corporate classes, workshops and special pop-ups are designed to accommodate all. My classes are small and intimate, and focus on providing individual attention to each student. I strive to create an environment that encourages positive growth and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Teaching in the Hatha and Vinyasa styles, I also offer classes influenced from Yin, Ashtanga, and Restorative. I also offer Yoga Nidra and am specially trained in Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga.

I would like to thank my teachers on this path so far:

Angela Sykes

Zeenat Cameron

Fabiano Culora

Becky Hill

Claire Dambawinna

Laura Heppel

Hali Schwartz

Sally Parkes

Yogi Dave

Jayson Stover

Dixie Mullineaux

David Michael

and Mother Ocean

Om shanti 

yoga pose on the beach
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Where to Find Us

Studio classes are held at:

Soma Wellness, Otley LS21 3HN

The Yard, Otley LS21 1AE

Yoga Kula, Chapel Allerton, LS7 4NY

Yoga Hero, Leeds, LS10 1PZ

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