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New Year, New Timetable!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you have had a lovely festive season and are finding time to rest...we are in the depths of midwinter, after all.

Before I let you know about my new timetable, I just want to give you a gentle reminder.....It is absolutely OK to not be running out the gates to fullfill whatever resolution you have made for yourself at the moment, just because the Gregorian calendar says its a new year. The time of action and doing comes in the spring, in March. Now is the time to set our intentions, to plan, and sew our seeds, and to let them settle before the vigor of growth happens. We are still in the dreaming season of winter..

This will be the theme for the rest of this months' classes: we are going to discover and find our intention, our Sankalpa, our reason for what we do. We will practice this on the yoga mat so that we can put it into practice off the mat.

I have made the hard decision to put the Harrogate classes on pause until March. My deepest apologies if you were looking forward to them. Stay tuned to this space for further details as we roll along toward spring. If you don't want to wait that long, get in touch about 1 to 1s or 2 to 1 sessions!

Om Shanthi

Jenny xx

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